Ping Pong is a restaurant located on 3322 N. Broadway. A friend and I ended up going to Ping Pong because the place we’d planned to go to was closed and after wandering around decided to go in and check out the menu. With old music, and a 50s feel of American or Europe fused with Asia. The restaurant itself has a classy feel. The food was mostly Asian. Our waitress brought us little towelletees to wash our hands. We were also brought colorful rice crackers.


My friend ened up ordering their Sweet Potato sushi  and I ordered their sesame chicken. I was surprised because the sesame chicken didn’t have the same feeling as it usually did. There was a ton of sesame, the broccoli and cauliflower was closer to the raw side then the steamed way I usually get it in and it had ginger in it. The ginger wasn’t bad but it was surprising. The chicken itself was a strange mixture of both soft and crunch or hard at the same time and in the shape or style of a meat ball. It was odd, not bad but the differences in texture kept throwing me off.


We also noticed on the menu that they had green tea ice cream and we ordered some before we left, the dessert we wanted was out but they still ordered the ice cream. It came with a mint or spearmint leaf and was really enjoyable. We also received fortune cookies, they were chocolate covered with chocolate sprinkles. So we broke them, got our fortunes and covered our ice cream with the bits. It was a good combination. Both were also good sepearate.



I really liked the atmosphere and the ice cream was great. We were sitting by a large open door window and it got cold and all of our papers, such as the paper menus kept blowing away. I’m not sure if sitting outside would have been better or worse, but there was also plenty of other seating. It wasn’t very busy.

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