Bite Cafe


A friend and I headed to the bite cafe in the Ukrainian village for brunch. There isn’t a direct train line to the spot and since it was Sunday the busses were not coming by very often.  I walked pretty far from the blue line to the Bite Cafe. It wasn’t a bad walk, there was lots of interesting things to see and plenty of people milling around.

The cashier at the Bite Cafe is toward the back of the restaurant so you have to walk past tables to put your name in to wait to be seated. You walk into another room with a pool table and old video games to wait.


I ordered a lemon ricotta French toast with almond, fruit, and honey syrup. My friend ordered lunch; a chicken sandwich that came on biscuits and  with fries. We were both pretty excited about our food, and it was good, just it wasn’t warm or hot. Our food was pretty cool, practically cold. When our server came by we mentioned it, unsure if maybe it was suppose to be that way, or what had happened. She offered to have people in the back heat it up but we declined. My French toast was fine the way it was, the temperature didn’t ruin the taste and I enjoyed it. However my friend couldn’t finish hers and took most of it home to heat up later.



It was a pretty busy restaurant, with limited seating. It was nice, but being busy seemed to have caused some issues like our food being cold and them giving us the wrong check. But they we’re friendly and ready to correct anything that went wrong.


Their menu also seems to change often, the ones that are given out are paper printed ones with limited options so I’m not sure how often they have the food we tried.

The Bite Cafe is located at 1039 North Western Avenue

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