Baráčnická rychta


The restaurant Baráčnická rychta was where, during my studying abroad, we ate our welcome dinner. Baráčnická rychta is located in Praha 2. It was probably one of the reasons why I became comfortable with walking in the middle of the road at night. We would call out car and everyone would scatter to the sidewalks. Baráčnická rychta is a restaurant located  near the US embassy, sort of down a one way street that leads to a dead end.


One of the things I was super excited for was tea. I’d enjoyed tea on my flights and will admit one of the first things I purchased at the Billa was tea. It’s a problem I know, and it’s gotten worse. I ordered mint tea and was expecting just a simple tea bag with chopped up mint leaves inside. Instead I got fresh mint tea. Which I only ever get when I visit my aunt. The little square packet to the side is sugar cubes, which I was also excited about because I don’t have sugar cubes very often. Sugar cubes are actually a Czech invention which I learned much later from one of our tour guides.

398363_373335092714826_879596284_nI probably spent way too much time studying the menu, because I wanted something traditional to eat and ended up asking my teachers what I should get. I ended up with a beef golash. The “Reeve’s” beef goulash. It came with bread dumplings, onions and a pepper. I was excited, it was essentially a nice stew with bread. When I went out to eat while I was in Prague I probably consumed way too many goulashes and bread dumplings.



One of my teacher’s suggested the apple strudel so I ordered it with the ice cream and was very happy with it. Another classmate ordered the hot raspberries, which was also good, that was a lot like a parfait, she didn’t like the whipped cream so that is what the reddish whipped cream is from at the top of the plate.

552772_373335166048152_229165453_nThe restaurant’s menu was available in both Czech or English. We tried to find this restaurant later again, but we couldn’t. It is located at Tržiště 555/23, 118 00 Praha-Malá Strana






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