Fraktal is near the hostel we stayed at in Prague 7.  It’s a popular spot to go and grab a drink and watch a game. (The Euro Cup was playing while I was in Prague)


The first time I went I got carrot soup and toast. While I was in Prague  we had the same waiter almost every time. He understood our English and was friendly and helpful.  Fraktal is pretty dark and can get pretty loud and packed. Especially on game nights. The food is good and it was a nice place to go as a group because they could hold all of us as long as they weren’t too busy. We could also go and grab a burger while we were there. Their menu was in both English and Czech.

Fraktal burger and fries
Fraktal burger and fries

Fraktal is located at Šmeralova 178/1, 170 00 Prague 7-Bubeneč.

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