The Gage


The Gage is a restaurant at 24 South Michigan Avenue.. The restaurant has a busy business atmosphere, with a long bar and a chalkboard with the daily specials our waiter told us about. There is a soup of the day, a sandwich of the day, and a fish of the day.  The restaurant was a bit dark even though we were there for lunch. They asked if we would like them to take our coats, but we declined and just kept them with us at our booth. It has gone through renovations since I was there so I’m unsure how the atmosphere may have changed.


We were asked if we’d like some bread, and I said yes. The butter was very creamy and I’m unsure what sort of spices they added to the top. The bread was also good. My friend ordered the soup of the day, a small cup of the lobster bisque and the fish and chips which came in a box and in a newspaper.


I ordered the sandwich of the day which came with fries and a pickle. My sandwich was a glazed ham, with apple slices, egg, lettuce and several other vegetables I couldn’t identify.



I think this is a fun place to go to to celebrate or catch up with friends.

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