Bar no. 7

My classmates when I was in Prague were fond of Bar no. 7. I only went once. They had a cocktail special of buy one get one free and  also hookah. We got an apple flavored hookah, but I was more interested in the dog that ran around. Bar no seven is close to the Globe and I met the dog and its owners from the bar again at the cafe. We sat outside at Bar no.7 and I drank water and hung out with my classmates. They have a nice outdoor seating area in the back to just sit and relax that we enjoyed. The bar itself is tends to have a nice mix of locals and expats.  I’m not super fond of hookah, but I don’t hate it, but we were there for more then three hours, which was a bit much for me. The bar was quiet while we were there and it was a nice break from the other bars we went to. It’s a cool bar to check out if you have the time and the workers are friendly.

Bar no. 7 is located atNa struze 1740/7,  110 00 Praha 1. It can be reached easily by tram and is close to the Vltava river.

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