Prague Castle


From the Sparta stop whenever we were going home or heading out we could see the Prague Castle in the distance. Occasionally if I was coming home late at night I would look out and see fire works going off over the castle. The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. It holds a Guinness world record for that fact. There is always things to see and learn.  The Prague Castle is the head of state where the President resides. It is filled with many different forms of architecture. We went once with a tour group and then occasionally would walk past and depending on the time could listen to other tour groups to see what other things they had to say. Some of the castle grounds are free to explore, basic pathways, but entrances to other sections cost money.

A couple of the ways to the castle are steep pathways. One way that seems usually taken as a leaving the castle route, passes a vineyard and usually has musicians playing on the steps.


During our walking tour our guide told us this is where the crown jewels are kept. There are seven  people with keys and all seven must be together to unlock it.The castle is home to historical documents, the royal jewels, art, Christian relics, and priceless artifacts from Bohemian kings.


The castle holds a changing of the guard at noon. The uniforms of the guard were introduced by an award winning film costume designer Theodor Pištěk.

Golden Lane


Since we were taking classes at the same time as being in Prague, we had finished reading “The Golemn” by Gustav Meyrink. In a part of it it mentioned a house that only appears on foggy days. So we thought maybe it was at the end of Golden Lane. We thought Golden Lane was where the alchemists stayed at the castle, paid the fee and went for a quick stroll. Golden lane is very cute, but it’s mostly a  lane with tourist shops. Kafka stayed in one of the houses on the lane and a couple are set up with either medevial items or like an Alchemists home. At the end of the lane was a exhibit that seemed to be a dungeon with all the old torture devices left in it. But at the end we found a very beautiful view. Though from most areas at the edge of the castle you can catch a lovely view.


St. Vitus Cathedral









The castle hosts many events, musical performances and even a food festival while we were there.






The Prague Castle is located at Pražský hrad, 119 08 Praha 1. It can be seen through most of Prague and is easy to find.

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