Artist’s Cafe

The Artist’s Cafe is a popular spot on Michigan Avenue, it is located on 412 South Michigan. There is at least one other cafe in the city, relatively near the first. I went to it once my first year in Chicago and then again recently. I remember going my first year and being highly disappointed in everything.

When I went recently it was for a quick dinner with a friend. We ordered the hot chocolate, split some mozzarella sticks, and I got an A burger special. Which is the cheapest burger they have. I paid extra for cheese. ($1.50 extra for cheese but it’s still cheaper then their other burgers).




It’s easier to pay with cash at the Artist’s Cafe. They take only one kind of card, and they have an atm if you don’t have any on you.

The restaurant itself is a popular. It’s been around since 1961 and has been visited by many famous persons. It’s connected to the Fine Arts Building which was built in 1898 and as it did back when it was created continues to house artists. Whenever I go to the Artist’s Cafe it always feels like a hit or miss. I can get service or I can get bad service, I can get decent food, or the food can be sub par, but no matter what I always feel like the prices are a bit much. I assume because it’s a popular tourist destination due to their  famous guests, location and such that they can keep their prices highish.

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