Russian Tea Time

Russian Tea Time is located at 77 E Adams St. They serve lunch, tea, and dinner. For afternoon tea they serve it from 2:30 until 4:30pm. I’ve been wanting to go to Russian Tea Time since the first time I’ve passed it, but either haven’t had time or my schedule hasn’t overlapped properly with my friends’. But finally a friend and I worked out a time. We didn’t make a reservation and it was fairly quiet. I thought the restaurant was small until I saw that there were more rooms hidden away past the bar and when my friend told me they got lost on their way to the restroom.

I looked through their tea menu and decided since it was a Russian restaurant to get their Russian tea, our waiter suggested that we try their Russian house tea which was the best and not on the menu. So we went with that.


The menu for a afternoon tea service consists of a pot of tea, raisin scones with whipping cream or marmalade, salmon and cream cheese bite with dill, crunchy spring crepes with peanut sauce, pozharski croquette with honey mustard sauce, eggplant sandwich, potato piroshky, sun-dried tomato quiche, Napoleon torte, rugalah, lemon cake, cinnamon sugar cookie, sugar cookie, mini apricot plum strudel, chocolate cookie, and white egg cookie “bizze”. They offer 29 different fine teas from their menu.  For each person you have they will get one of each of those things. They also bring out sugar cubes and lemon slices in order to sweeten your tea.


They bring you a mug filled with tea and will refill it with a pitcher as you drink it. They also bring you water and refill it often. So you do not have a tea pot.

The atmosphere is dark and peaceful with Russian music. My friend was unable to finish all of her food and so they packed it up for us to take home. I over all had a fun time and enjoyed the experience.

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