Lao Ma La-closed

Lao Ma La is located in Chinatown at 2017 South Wells Street.
Friends and I were looking around in Chinatown for a place to get dinner and I’m pretty sure we decided on Lao Ma La because of it’s modern looking atmosphere and I think because my friends wanted to drink and could see the bar from the window. I ordered sesame chicken and we split crab rangoon and hand tearing pancake, which I’m pretty sure I ate most of. Their specialty seems to be hot mini wok meals, a lot of people around us were enjoying those. My friend got one and it was too spicy for me. 
The food wasn’t bad and I liked the atmosphere, but we were there until closing time and because of that our waiter disappeared while we were figuring out how we were splitting up our bill and that made it take a lot longer to pay and leave. No one asked us to leave or pressured us to leave, but they were cleaning and it felt like we were being a bit in the way.

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