Franz Kafka Walking Tour


After our trip to the Franz Kafka Museum we went to meet our tour guide for our walking tour, who wasn’t affiliated with the museum, she worked with the non-for-profit Franz Kafka society. We started off being shown the library. The Franz Kafka society in 2002 had a replica made of Franz Kafka’s library.  They do a lot of things literary and even do literary prizes in the name of Franz Kafka and Maxe Brod.

Our tour guide was lively, with bright orange-red hair so we wouldn’t lose her and showed us around Prague. She told us about the importance of buildings, where Kafka lived, grew up, and frequented.


The Franz Kafka Statue is located at Prague 1, Czech Republic.


We ended our tour at the Franz Kafka Societies book store, which was fun to check out and all the items they sell in the shop go towards keeping the Franz Kafka society running. The bookstore is located at  Široká 14110 00 Praha 1-Josefov


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