The Grave of Franz Kafka and New Jewish Cemetery

At the grave of Franz Kafka, a beautiful jewish cemetery, overgrown and filled with plant life, girls must have their shoulders covered and guys must wear a hat, they have (kippah's) at the entrance to put on. Franz Kafka's grave is located at the New Jewish Cemetery which was established in 1891. The cemetery is free to [...]

Franz Kafka Walking Tour

After our trip to the Franz Kafka Museum we went to meet our tour guide for our walking tour, who wasn't affiliated with the museum, she worked with the non-for-profit Franz Kafka society. We started off being shown the library. The Franz Kafka society in 2002 had a replica made of Franz Kafka's library.  They [...]

Prašná Brána: The Powder Tower

Prašná Brána or the Powder Tower is an important medieval monument in Prague near Old Town. It was built in 1475 by Matouš Rejsek. In the 17th/18th century it was used to hold gunpowder, which is where it name comes from. It is 65 meters/ 213 feet tall. The tower was an important gate that the [...]