Prašná Brána: The Powder Tower


Prašná Brána or the Powder Tower is an important medieval monument in Prague near Old Town. It was built in 1475 by Matouš Rejsek. In the 17th/18th century it was used to hold gunpowder, which is where it name comes from. It is 65 meters/ 213 feet tall. The tower was an important gate that the royal coronation processions would pass through to go to the Castle as well as the beginning and end to the route of  Kutná Hora where silver was mined.


The Powder Tower was where Franz Kafka would meet his friend Max Brod, every day. Leaving his friend there waiting to the point his friend memorized the tower.

The Powder Tower is located at náměstí Republiky 5, Praha 1.

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