¡Hello Tacos! De cero

De cero is a taqueria located at 814 W Randolph St. My friends wanted to celebrate Cinco De Mayo so one friend picked it with drinks in mind. We ordered a pitcher of their 100% blue agave margarita which they have several options for and we picked their hibiscus option. I’m not really a good gage for what alcohol is good and what isn’t, my friends enjoyed it but it was a bit to bitter/sour for me and I only had a few sips. I thought the idea of blue agave would be something interesting to try, since it’s sometimes an option for me to put into my tea as a sweetener. I suppose because I occasionally use agave that way I expected the margarita to be sweeter rather than sour/bitter.



My favorite drink at Mexican restaurants is horchata so I ordered that and absolutely loved it.


For food I ordered a bourbon braised taco which included green beans, caramelized onion and queso fresco and cilantro (but I can’t stand cilantro so I asked for it without and they didn’t include it.) I also ordered a pulled pork tamale  with tomatillo salsa and it was just a bit too spicy for me, (my friends tried it and didn’t think it was spicy). I ended up using the rest of a friends sour cream so I could finish it. Before we left we all wanted something else so a friend and I split the Mexican chocolate brownie which came with coconut gelato. It was warm and with toasted bits of coconut in it and we both loved it.



Aesthetically I liked the restaurant, I liked the minimalist look the food had and sort of the modern rustic feel of the restaurant, but portions were small and not very filling. It wasn’t super expensive but it was pricier than I was expecting, especially since the pitcher of margarita’s was about $40 and as a person who doesn’t drink much/didn’t enjoy it, it was a rather shockingly expensive. It was however, cheaper for us to get the pitcher than to each get a glass because we had about six people. It was also loud and hard to hear one another. The other somewhat overall complaint we had was that there were not any complimentary chips, all chips and dip cost extra, salsa isn’t super expensive about 2.75 per option but guacamole was 7.75. But it is possible if you are not super hungry to eat somewhat cheaply at De Cero, I think it didn’t help that because we were a large group we had a higher gratuity added onto our bill even though we weren’t waited on all that often. There are many other cheaper restaurants that serve Mexican food, but De Cero is a popular place.

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