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There are several Tune Hotels in London. STA had given me a list of hotels and I picked Tune because my cousin said she had stayed there before. It was a miscommunication, I thought she meant she had stayed at that specific one, she meant she had stayed at a Tune Hotel. So when she saw the final paperwork before we left she was confused, and then towards the end of our trip realized why she had suggested that one. It’s because it’s close to Kings Cross Station, which makes it easy to get around London.

We arrived early in the morning, before check-in and had the option to leave our luggage and start our day, for a small fee, but my cousin, tired from the flight had to take a shower so we took a seat in the lobby, black and red with a rocker feel and waited for a room to be ready. She decided to pay the more expensive fee to check in early. We mapped out our day and I looked around, taking everything in. We made plans that we would eat first and then head to our first tour, a hop on hop off tour of the city. I picked up a flyer for the play Matilda and was excited to see that it was still in the city.


We were given our keys, that were interesting to use. You tap the key to a pad on the wall and it opens the door. For electricity you stick the key card into a slot in the wall when you get into your room to turn the energy on, it turns on the air conditioning and the lights, without the card in the slot then nothing works in the room. The rooms were small but nice, and I enjoyed the modern feel. We were planning to pay for the wifi, sure that STA only paid for the hotel room and nothing else, but it turns out they paid for wifi, the safe, and one day of TV.


The elevators were small and the halls could be confusing for awhile, everything was pretty energy efficient and a lot of things folded into the wall which was really interesting.


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