LUMA: Loyola University Museum of Art and Edward Gorey


Loyola University museum of Art is located at 820 North Michigan Avenue.


My department began to murmur about Edward Gorey a couple months before the exhibit opened up at Loyola.  Edward Gorey was an artist and writer born in Chicago. He’s most well known for his pen and ink books and illustrations such as “Vinegar Works: The Gashlycrumb Tinies” which is an alphabet book that goes through the alphabet by the name of different children and the way they died.  He wrote more than a 100 books and illustrated many famous works and designed costumes for the broadway production of Dracula.



Having enjoyed some of his work and style, and having heard about the exhibit from classmates and teachers who helped out with portions of the exhibit I contacted a friend and we went to the exhibit. We showed our student ID’s and got in for a discount since neither of us are Loyola students who I believe get in for free. We were told we couldn’t take photos on the main level but could on the upper level. The exhibit was filled with sketches, books, play bills, hand stitched stuffed animals, and evidence of his love of cats. When we were done with the main level we went upstairs expecting more Edward Gorey, but it turned out to be a different exhibit.  The Edward Gorey Exhibition has left Chicago and moved on, but I liked the way Loyola set up the exhibit, since I had never been to their art museum before. They had included many events such as a Vinegar Works puppet show and cocktail nights.

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