Women and Children First


Women and Children First is an independent bookstore located at 5233 North Clark Street . It opened in 1979 and is the largest feminist bookstore in the United States. The shop is a diverse bookstore promoting books written by women, children’s books, and LGBTQ literature. Women and Children First bookstore is one of the bookstores that my department repeated again and again, suggesting we buy our school books at small local indy bookstores. I first visited the shop when a teacher requested help because the shop was behind with inventory and had to shut down for a day to get it all done and was in need of volunteers. The shop isn’t directly near any of the CTA train lines and turned out to be more of a hike then I expected. (The second time I went I took a bus). I recognized a few faces of volunteers from my department and we worked on cataloging and inventory and at the end of the day were sent home full of pizza and with gift cards. I recently returned to use my gift card and wandered the shop trying to figure out what I wanted to get. It’s a somewhat small shop and has a friendly atmosphere.

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