Cafe Mustache


A coworker and I were discussing cafes and Chicago and she mention cafe mustache. I got excited and made plans to go, which were put off until recently. I met up with a friend and we went, Mustache Cafe is located at 2313 North Milwaukee Avenue, in Logan Square and a short walk from the California Blue-line stop. It was a hot day so my friend and I were looking for something cold to drink and relatively inexpensive. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the atmosphere and it was pretty busy. We looked at the menu which was mostly alcohol and coffee, which makes sense for a cafe, but was a bit disappointing. I ordered an ice tea that turned out expensive and with little flavor and my friend ordered juice. The place seemed like a popular spot but I’m not particularly sure what drew in the crowd. The walls were filled with art for sale and they played records which they had for sale up at the front. I think I was disappointed in the tea and expecting a different atmosphere. My friend and I didn’t stay long. They do host events in the evenings and free wifi up to about 8pm when the events usually start. They also have vegan food options and require a minimum of $5 spent before using a credit or debit card.


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