Virginia- Stonewall Jackson Hotel


After my trip with my aunt, uncle, and cousins to Wisconsin I met up with my sisters and parents and headed to Virginia for a cousins wedding and family reunion. We stayed for a night at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, which opened in 1924. It has a nice old-fashioned classy air to it and parking for no matter how long if you are not staying at the hotel is only $1. Meals are not, at least from what we learned, included in rooms. You wait to be seated and based on what you get (for breakfast at the buffet) changes the price of the meal. Since we were a large group we all sat together without waiting to be seated. They also offer fruit infused water on the main floor. The hotel had a nice location and was easy to walk around downtown from it. We had issues though, asking for extensions on our stay since the wedding was late in the day, and everyone who asked was given different check out times.

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