St. Louis-The Fountain on Locust


The building the Fountain On Locust is in was built in 1916 as a showroom for sport sedans, specifically the Stutz Blackhawk and Stutz Bearcat. There is a plaque outside explaining the buildings history with cars. Now the building houses the Fountain On Locust, a restaurant and (voted) best ice cream parlor in St. Louis. My sisters wanted to go so we met up with their dad and had dinner.


I started with a ice cream martini, the thin mint.


The Thin Mint is Godiva Chocolate Liquor, white crème de menthe, vanilla deluxe ice cream, chocolate syrup and an mini oreo cookie. It was good, very minty and I love oreos, so that was definably a plus. It was foamy and I had to use a spoon to get the rest of it.

For dinner I ordered the Royal Grill or adult grilled cheese.


A blend of white cheddar and mozzarella and secrets with fuji apple slices whole grain white bread. I added ham to it which cost a bit more. As my side I ordered sliced seasonal chips.

I split the seasonal ice cream with one of my sisters. It was a peanut butter chocolate and reese’s (or peanut butter cup) ice cream. We ordered two scoops and it came with a candied orange peel which they spend three weeks making.



I had a ton of fun at the Fountain on Locus. I loved the ice cream which is one of the few things at the Fountain at Locus they don’t make themselves. The ice cream is really interesting they get it from a dairy in Wisconsin that ages their ice cream. Yeah, weird right? But it’s good. The Fountain on Locus also hosts different events, like a Burlesque Bingo Night that you need to RSVP for a month in advance to get in. They have a ton of options on their menu and I’d like to try their other ice creams or adult alcoholic sundaes, or floats, or the sundae gambler where when you can’t decide you leave it up to the soda jerk to customize a non refundable treat for you. It has a beautiful decor, black bathrooms with antique plumbing, and it’s loud.

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