Les deux plats

Les deux plats is a restaurant located in Itaewon. I met up with a friend in Itaewon to do some shopping, but first both of us were hungry so we wandered around looking for something that wouldn’t be too expensive. Luckily like London there were a lot of menus outside of restaurants. When we saw the prices and that they had brunch at Les deux plats we had to go in. One of the things I miss about Chicago was that there were a million and a half wonderful brunch places. We both ordered the French Toast (it was the cheapest and most familiar). It was white toast dusted with powdered sugar and cinnamon, scrambled eggs (also a little cinnamon-y), soup, salad, what we assume was a potato salad with crab, hash browns, and blueberry sauce (which was more of a jam).


It was a nice restaurant with three stories (the third was a rooftop but it was rather warm that day so we decided against it). We sat on the second level and enjoyed the food. It wasn’t too sweet and was very filling.

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