Attic Cat


One of the things I really wanted to do in South Korea was check out the animal cafes. Mostly a cat cafe. So after a long early afternoon of shopping with a friend we made our way to Myeongdong and after drooling over all the street food we made our way to Attic Cat. The cat cafe is on the 6th floor and there is an elevator.  We switched out our shoes for sandals and after crossing the threshold into the cafe they poured hand sanitizer on our hands. We paid 8,000 won for a drink and to play with the cats. They give you some boards in English and Korean about how to treat the cats and warnings about how some of the cats are really sensitive and those cats have yellow ribbons/scarves. I ordered a hibiscus tea and it was brought to me shortly, along with my friends cherry drink.


All of the bench seats are also storage spaces to keep your stuff cat fur free/free from having a curious cat going through it.


There were toys to play with the cats, brushes, and also while we were there they put food on the backs of our hands so that we could feed the cats/get close to some of them that were a little less interested. There were plenty of nooks for cats to escape attention and get some sleep.

Someone left their things out and a cat made it a cozy place to sit.


There were a lot of different cats, including at least one sphynx (a type of cat without fur).  They were all rather calm and well taken care of. There was plenty of food out for them and water and they had tons of space to run around. The workers also would play with them and go around and check on the sleeping ones.


It was peaceful and I’d like to go back or to another one to spend a longer amount of time. We arrived kind of late in the day couldn’t stay super long.


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