Caffé Bene

For dinner on our first night of vacation I found a fun looking restaurant that served Thai iced tea in buckets, but we went in the wrong direction and couldn’t find it. So we had to find some place quick and ended up at Caffé Bene. It was exciting to me because I’d never seen on before (though apparently they have cafes all over the world) I also noticed all the Line characters in the window. (Line is a phone app that allows you to text and call other Line users for free, anywhere in the world. It’s popular in Korea but Kakao Talk is more popular)

I ordered the Tomato Cheese bread and a lemonade. My friend ordered the That bread in Honey which surprisingly wasn’t that sweet.


It wasn’t bad, but the crust was really hard. One of the things I thought was cool was that next to the sugar and extra napkins were little boxes of matches. I’ve never seen a cafe give out branded matches before, I thought that was usually an old fashioned hotel thing.

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