Zoo Coffee

While trying to find our way around we got lost over our vacation, a lot. But that happens because like any city things are always changing and things can easily disappear and be replaced when you’re not paying attention. I’d also been warned not to rely too heavily on Google maps, because since Korea has it’s own version of Google, (Naver)  Google’s map system is out of date by several years.  So we became rather avid visitors of cafes to ask for directions. Most of the time we didn’t go back in, but on our first night on our way back home after our 4D movie we passed by Zoo Coffee again which is a 24 hour cafe.


Zoo Coffee is another Korean chain cafe. They have a fun theme with large stuffed animals sitting around and some for sale. They also have some super cute mugs (though I couldn’t buy one, I’m not sure what happened with that since they had prices on them).


We ordered Camembert cheesecake to split and tea. Since it was 2 am I ordered a plain chamomile tea  with plans to go back to the hostel and sleep immediately after we got back. It was a quiet and peaceful cafe, though some of that may have been due to the fact we were there in the wee hours of the morning. We ended up just sitting and talking for about an hour before heading to the hostel.

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