Kakao Friends

On our last day of vacation we went to Coex mall to check out the Kakao Friends store.  Like Line,  Kakao has a range of characters to help users express themselves.  A cat and dog couple (Neo and Frodo), A radish/rabbit (Muzi), Con the evil scientist, Apeach (a peach brought to life by Con), Jay-G, and  the easily angered duck Tube.

Muzi and Con. Muzi was created by Con and is a yello radish come to life that dresses up like a rabbit.

Unlike the main Line shop there isn’t currently a Kakao cafe.There was a cafe called Talk cafe that was kakao themed but it no longer is.  At the Kakao friends store you can buy all sorts of kakao things such as toys, collectibles, golf supplies, notebooks, car/air fresheners, perfumes, and stuffed characters.


spring cake decoration designs
Jay-G, Apeach, Con, and Muzi

Like the Line store there are tons statues to pose with and it easily gets packed.

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