O’sulloc Tea cafe


While catching up with a classmate from Prague she introduced me to to O’sulloc. We went to two O’sulloc’s that day. The first was a shop in Insadong with about 3 levels, the second level was a sit down cafe that was rather expensive. The first level sold tea, tea bags and leaves as well as beauty products and spreads. It was beautiful and terrible because the boxes for their teas are beautiful but kind of pricy (Adagio back in the states spoiled me with tea pricing) But their tea is made on Jeju island and I’ve found stuff that comes from Jeju tends to be a little pricier. I purchased only one box of tea, Moon walk, but it was a hard choice.

Later after exploring the Gyeongbokgung palace we found another O’sulloc cafe and ordered our tea which came with little cookies. I was surprised but the pricing at this tea shop for drinks was cheaper than the other O’sulloc.

papaya iced tea and tangerine iced tea to beat the heat

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