Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is  a global chain (US, France, and parts of Asia) that I’d never seen until I came to South Korea. It’s a cafe and bakery, and as the name suggests it’s French. At certain shops the workers wear striped shirts and berets as a uniform. It’s a pretty popular cafe in South Korea.

A teacher gave me one of their cakes as a gift. Which I think was meant to be shared with others because I couldn’t finish it myself.


I liked that the cake came with a plastic knife so if you bought it for a party or a picnic you didn’t have to worry about how you’d split it up. It was a pretty good, I love roll style cakes.

When I did go into one of their cafes it was to escape the heat and hang out with a friend. We wandered around with a tray and tongs and picked out pastries to take home and then got drinks. The drink I originally ordered  was sold out, and then so was the back up so they upgraded my blueberry’ade to a strawberry smoothie.

strawberry smoothie
strawberry smoothie

I love that their cups look like adorable characters, that match the uniforms some of the cafes have.  I also really enjoyed their atmosphere, but I’m a sucker for French themed things.

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