Pho Mein

Pho Mein is a Vietnamese chain that happens to be one of my friends’ favorites. While there we split spring rolls and I ordered the Bun Bo Xao.


The spring rolls came with a delicious peanut butter dipping sauce and we’re made up of brisket, shrimp, rice, and  vegetables.

The Bun Bo Xao was a lot of food that I couldn’t finish. It was a bowl with sautéed beef, pineapple, pickled carrots, onions and lettuce on top of rice noodles. wpid-20150711_122744.jpgMy Bun Bo Xao also came with a sweet spicy sauce to be mixed in which my friend took and dipped her spring rolls in and added it to her meal and a onion-y cinnamon soup that was amazing. I’d never had a cinnamon soup but there was something about it I found comforting.

Overall I really liked the Pho Mein restaurant. The one we went to was in Pyungnae HoPyung and also half the restaurant was a Japanese restaurant I’d love to try some time.


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