You Are Here

The You Are Here Cafe is located in Hongdae. My first weekend in Korea, my friend who let me spend the night took me to the cafe before I headed home.



My first time to the You Are Here cafe I ordered the Croquette Monsieur. Which is a french grilled cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce, ham, and tomatoes  with a side salad. I also was ecstatic to have some tea (I left all of my tea collection behind in the States)


I recently went back for a milkshake because it’s ridiculously hot. By luck it also happened to be the 1 year anniversary of when You Are Here opened so they were having a discount. So I got a nutella milkshake (I’ve missed Nutella) and earl gray cake for less than 10,000 KRW. Which is nice because You Are Here can get a bit expensive. They also were having a party that evening, but sadly I couldn’t stay. I think they had games and free drinks.

nutella milkshake
nutella milkshake
early grey cake
early grey cake

You Are Here is a great place to go if you want to learn a language or just hang out. They do lots of language classes and I’ve noticed a lot of people doing language exchanges. It’s two floors with classrooms, a balcony and a garden and a film booth where you can answer the posted question (or just have fun) and it may end up on the Speaker’s Corner of the eatyourkimchi’s youtube channel.


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