Bella Praha

While wandering around Edae with Nathalie I saw a picture of something familiar and took off down a side street in utter joy, probably to the major confusion of Nathalie. Down a little side street was a small shop selling coffee and Trdelník. Trdelník's were my ultimate favorite street food in Prague. Bella Praha calls them Trdlo's [...]

St. Louis- Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters

I stayed with my sister's in St. Louis for a bit and we had a quick breakfast at the Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters Cafe and Art Saint Louis Gallery. It's on the first floor of what use to be the head quarter of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. (Which has been turned into a beautiful apartment [...]

Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Gaslight Coffee Roasters is located at 2385 n Milwaukee Ave, a short walk from either the Logan Square blue line stop or the California blue line stop. The Gaslight Coffee Roasters are open from 8am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and from 9am to 6pm on Sunday. I went on a late Monday afternoon to say [...]