Alfred Coffee


After visiting the tar pits I headed to Melrose avenue to visit a friend who was working in the area. I wandered around testing products until she was free and we headed nearby to an Alfred’s.  Trying to find it now, it was one of many in the area, including a tea room. There’s at least three within walking distance of each other. The one we went to is open from 7am until 8pm, which was perfect because that would be when the friend I was staying with would get off of work.


I ordered a chai latte with oat milk. I’d heard a lot about oat milk but never had an opportunity to try it. It’s not available in Korea as far as I know, but seems to be becoming a more and more popular option stateside. The barista happily told me that Alfred’s uses the best oat milk out there…and honestly…it was good, but everyone does their chai differently, so I’d have to try it with regular milk or coconut milk to decide which is my favorite. Aka I didn’t notice it as a big amazing flavor. But it was still fun to try and sit on their balcony with my friend until it got too cold and then head in.



There was plenty of space to sit and relax and because it was after 5pm it wasn’t too busy.  Alfred’s can be found in LA and in Tokyo.

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