After my friend got off of work and picked me up we went to dinner…or well she took me to dinner because she was stuffed. (When work offers food you eat it all.) I wasn’t sure what I wanted and then she suggested Pink’s as we went passed it. Thankfully traffic wasn’t bad so we quickly turned around and headed towards the hot dog stand.

I’m use to people having high opinions on hot dogs. In Chicago they’re pretty strict. (Mustard is okay, onions are a must, tomatoes, pickles and relish are expected. But if you bring ketchup anywhere near a hot dog in Chicago expect the cold shoulder and some stares.)

Pink’s however has fun with hot dogs and the dug into the fact it’s in LA. Their hot dogs are named after movie stars and famous films and they get creative. If you go give yourself time (you’ll have it there’s always a line) to peruse you can get adventurous. I went with the “Lord of the Rings” dog which is a 9 inch hot dog with onion rings and bbq sauce on top for about $5.60.


It was messy to eat but also fun to try especially with an old school glass style drink. (Sprite was $2.40) They also serve desserts, pretty much any side you could think of, a couple burgers, and at least one vegan hot dog and one turkey dog for those who aren’t the biggest fan of hot dogs.

While they have one main hot dog shop that’s been around since 1939 with outdoor and indoor seating, they also have a lot of other pop up shops and a truck. They’ve gone a long way since when they started off as a push cart.


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