Gontran Cherrier

Before heading home on the last day of our vacation we went out for breakfast. We’d eaten at Paris Baguette already and  passed by this cafe multiple times. It was along the walk from exit 9 at Gangam station and the hotel we we were staying at..


Gontran Cherrier is a chain of bakeries created by a french baker with a love for bread. These chains can be found in Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, and Seoul.


I picked out a kouign-amann and ordered lemon Mānuka honey and ginger tea. My friend picked out a briochette au chocolat and ordered orange juice that I watched them make from scratch with a whole peeled orange.

Kouign-amann is made of layered dough that is half butter half “yeasty” dough. It has nice caramel tasting shell and is soft and somewhat savory sweet as you get into the center.

Briochette is a type of bread a bit like a bun, the one my friend got had chocolate chips in it, making it somewhat like a chocolate chip muffin.


I loved the atmosphere of Gontran Cherrier, it was quiet and peaceful but modern and clean. It was also a lot more expensive then eating at Paris Baguette.

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