Lotte World Aquarium

I teach at two different small public schools in South Korea. Occasionally when there are field trips I get to go with them. This one was a bit of a last minute surprise. First we took a bus to Lotte World Aquarium where a manager came out and talked to the kids about Lotte World mall which, when it was built, was the 6th tallest building in the world. The Aquarium is located in the basement on B1 and B2.


Once inside the aquarium we were led to a tank and some bleachers where we sat and  watched a little educational show about the California Sea lion before a tour guide found us and gave us a tour of almost every single tank in the aquarium. It was all in Korean so I followed behind and read all of the screens next to the tanks that would rotate into English. We got to watch a Beluga Whale information session and touch starfish and a small bamboo shark . We went on a Thursday morning so it was pretty empty except for a few other small school groups. The aquarium was really clean and easy to see everything. The kids had a lot of fun.


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