Bun Cha Ra Boom

Bun Cha Ra Boom

Went for the Bahn Mi (a type of Vietnamese sandwich) fell in love with the Bun Cha.


The Place: Italian Urban Bistro 더플레이스

The Place is a restaurant in Gangam that serves Italian food but it's biggest draw is it's Bomba pizza. Nathalie and I thought it'd be fun to try so we made our way there and ordered a somewhat fancy set. Our set included vino pops. A popcicle filled with fruits (rapsberries and blueberries) and herbs with [...]

Brooklyn: The Burger Joint

After spending Chuseok running around like crazy and then two weekends recovering I was ready to get out and explore again, so I got a hold of my friend Mika  because it'd been many many months since I'd last seen her. Last time we'd hung out we checked out a palace and just wandered around [...]