After dropping my stuff off at the hotel our friend helped us try and decide where to eat for a late dinner. We ended up deciding on Meis_Container which at first was daunting with a line out front, but the wait wasn’t very long. Meis_Container has a shipping/hardware theme to it with hardhats as your number for servers to come bring you your food. It’s also a part of a chain in Korea.

where you order


After taking your seat and looking over the menu you go downstairs (or if you’re seated downstairs) to the order menu and place your food order and grab a hard hat.


I ordered the blueberry cream soda and then the three of us split the spaghetti salad and the HI-FIVE sweet chili based pan cheese.


Out of all of it the HI-FIVE pan cheese (essentially a pizza) was the best. It was mixture of some of their top pan cheese options, like potato, sweet potato, ham, bulgogi, ect. It was really good and we almost demolished it. The spaghetti salad on the other hand was made of sadness. It was spicy and tasted a bit like pickles and some of the flavors of the leaves were just shockingly bitter. It was hard to eat.

pre-mixed spaghetti salad
mixed, kinda
HI-FIVE pan cheese (aka pizza)

Our pizza came with a hi-five from the server before he served it. I liked the atmosphere of Meis_Container and by splitting everything it was a lot cheaper than I expected.

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