Bun Cha Ra Boom

I’ve been going to Seoul a lot lately. When things started getting busy I made sure to try and still meet Nathalie in Gangnam on occasion for dinner. There’s so many restaurants in Seoul, especially in busier areas like Gangnam and it can get overwhelming. We walked around for awhile unable to decide before I spotted a restaurant with Bahn Mi on their menu.

When I lived in Chicago I fell in love with a shop that served Bahn Mi in Argyle.  And the thought of having something similar again made me go in.

Bun Cha Ra Room is a Vietnamese chain restaurant in South Korea. Their most popular item tends to be the Bun Cha, which comes as a set with rice noodles and a sweet and sour sauce but the arguably best part is a deep fried charbroil pork roll. It was delicious. Nathalie ordered the Pho cay which is an extremely spicy version of pho that she loved but I didn’t go near since even the staff told her it was super spicy. I ordered a set of Bahn Mi with potato wedges and coconut limeade. It was delicious but there was a surprise kick of spice.


In general the Bun Cha Ra Room restaurants are open daily from 11am until 10pm, some locations are open later and a couple are open 24 hours.

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