Bella Praha


While wandering around Edae with Nathalie I saw a picture of something familiar and took off down a side street in utter joy, probably to the major confusion of Nathalie. Down a little side street was a small shop selling coffee and Trdelník. Trdelník’s were my ultimate favorite street food in Prague. Bella Praha calls them Trdlo’s (which is the name for what the pastry is wrapped around to be cooked). We grabbed a seat inside and were brought menus where we ordered tea and “Trdlo’s” I wasn’t sure what to expect and was really surprised that they came with a tiny little cup  of whipped cream. The whipped cream  went with it pretty well. While it’s not the same as standing and watching them make it and getting a fresh one off the Trdlo, they were still really good. The little shop also had  small touches of Prague around, from little Franz Kafka pins the worker wore to the maps on the wall and small street signs they had up. It was a nice touch of Prague in Seoul.


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