Cafe Pera

At the end of our night wandering around in Edae Nathalie stopped to look at some pastries and saw a beautiful strawberry tart. So after dinner we decided we'd find our way back to the bakery to have it for dessert. We'd only looked in the window and popped our heads in to see if they [...]

Taco & Rice 타코 앤 라이스

Taco and Rice is a small Mexican restaurant in Edae. Nathalie and I went there for dinner. The food was good. I ended up getting a quesadilla  and burning my tongue from the spiciness. Luckily it came with a little side salad and some sour cream. The flavor was great it just hurt for me [...]

Bella Praha

While wandering around Edae with Nathalie I saw a picture of something familiar and took off down a side street in utter joy, probably to the major confusion of Nathalie. Down a little side street was a small shop selling coffee and Trdelník. Trdelník's were my ultimate favorite street food in Prague. Bella Praha calls them Trdlo's [...]