Shibuya Shuffle and Hachikō

I arrived in Shibuya around 7:30pm to meet my friend at the station. One of the nice things about Shibuya is that they have wifi for foreigners. You just need to go into the mall attached to the station to the information desk and show them your passport and request the wifi password. There are a couple other places that have the wifi password as well, and it comes up on your phone with a map to help you get to it.

Even though it was dark out the area around Shibuya station was hot and humid. After waiting a half hour or so  and watching the ads on the big screens and trying not to die from the heat I popped into the somewhat air conditioned mall to look around. Even though my friend was interning with a French company in Japan she still worked almost Japanese hours, which meant no matter how early she told me she’d get out, she would always get out a lot later than that.

My friend told me that I visited Japan during the coolest time in months and that it was during a holiday where most people went home. Which is why after dropping our stuff off at the hotel and wandering around the Shibuya Shuffle it was actually a lot less crowded then before. The Shibuya Shuffle is a crosswalk that goes all ways. So when it’s okay to cross you can go anywhere. It’s a pretty popular spot for photos. There’s a Starbucks that overlooks Shibuya Shuffle and if it isn’t crowded it can be a nice place to sit and watch.


Outside of the station is also a statue of Hachikō in a little park. Hachikō was a dog who waited faithfully for his owner to return after his owner passed away.



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