Ramen and vending machine restaurants

After lugging our stuff to the hotel we went off in search of food. My friend suggested ramen and after her favorite place was closed we found a different ramen shop that was open later.

I was exhausted and still in shock from how much my train ticket had cost to really go in depth and pick something I really would have liked and just went for cheap. I thought it was cool that in the doorway was a vending machine where you picked what you wanted, paid and got a ticket.


You could even select additions. I ordered the garlic oil tonkotsu ramen. We took our tickets, handed them to guy working and then sat down at the bar. There were glasses and water sitting out for us and all sorts of things we could add to our ramen.


My ramen was pretty oily and greasy and probably wasn’t the smartest thing to order when somewhat jet lagged, but it was decent. I ate as much of it as I could and as noisily as I could until all had left was oily garlic soup.

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