Tokyo Tower 東京タワ


After wandering around Akihabara my friend gave me a couple options of other things we could do and I decided on checking out the Tokyo Tower. We weren’t sure if it was open but thought it’d be cool to see it all lit up. We took pictures all the way up to the tower which was up a semi steep hill.


The lower levels of the tower were set up with shops a bit like a mall, but because it was so late none of them were open. The observatory, though, still was. So we purchased tickets and went up. The tower opened in 1958 and is the second largest structure in Tokyo. The tallest is the Tokyo Skytree which we saw but didn’t visit. Both are communication towers used for broadcasting.


The Tokyo Tower has two observation decks. One at 150 meters (492 feet) and the second at 250 meters (820 feet) which is where we ended up. Sometimes depending on how clear it is you can see Mt. Fuji. Depending on holidays, the Tokyo Tower is open every day from 9 am -11 pm.

Tokyo Tower also houses Tawabo, a robotic tour guide that can speak at least 4 languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English). During our visit we were able to see the robot who played games with other visitors before donning it’s usual smiling face.



There is plenty of other things to do in the Tokyo Tower. There is shopping and exhibits and restaurants. So much to do that we decided to go back the next day to at least have lunch.



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