Mercy Juice

One of the reasons we were in Garosugil in Gangam was because Mika wanted to try and do a healthy juice detox and wanted to stop by Mercy Juice. I didn’t really know what to expect, too full from burgers and milkshakes to even think about sitting and drinking at a juice bar. Luckily though, we could get it in bottles to drink whenever we wanted.

Mercy Juice does a couple of different things, they make Nature chips from fruit and Kale, they make elixir shots (or The Magic Potion as they call it), raw shakes for cold cures, a bright body or anti aging, citrus bottles, juices and juice cleanse sets. It can get pricey depending on what you decide you want to try or do. Every day they cold press their juice.

Cold-pressed juice is when a hydraulic press is used on the fruit to extract the juice from not only fruit but vegetables as well. These can be stored for about 30 days and tends to keep that ‘freshly squeezed’ flavor as the month progresses.

Mercy Juice offers two different sets for their ‘cleanse’. You can do the Rainbow Squeeze for Balanced Health or the Supergreen Squeeze to be rejuvenated.Bottles range from 6,400 won to 28,400 won and the cleanse is suggested for a full set per day which can run from 37,000 (1 day of the rainbow cleanse) to 250,000 (5 days on an advanced deep green cleanse). I decided to just try two bottles, one from the green juice set and one from the rainbow set.


I bought Exotic Volcano which is a bright orange and made from orange, pineapple, carrot and apple. It was really tasty. I also bought “HoneyGreen” which was made from wheat-grass, green grape, kiwi and apple. The wheat-grass left a slight but obnoxious bitter taste to the drink that didn’t make it quite as enjoyable as the exotic volcano. They were fun to try though.

Since both of us didn’t really plan to head straight home from Mercy Juice we were given little freezer packets to keep the juice cold. It took awhile because they made our juice fresh after we ordered it. You can have the juice delivered and you can apply for a subscription depending on what you want to get out of it.

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