Seoul Fashion Week

Sometime after getting juice from Mercy Juice and wandering around, Mika and I crashed. All we wanted to do was sit and drink water. There wasn’t anything we still wanted to do where we were so we hopped on the train and took it up to Dongdaemun Culture and History Park which tends to have plenty of spots around the mall to sit. As soon as we exited the station and made our way above ground we noticed a crowd and a decent sized tent with models walking back and forth through plastic for rehearsal. The space around the station was packed with people dressed up and other people with cameras. What soon drew our attention was a huge group of people with cameras near a roped off blue carpet. Curious we wandered over to investigate and were rewarded with glimpses of famous people walking the blue carpet, stopping for photos and then continuing on for the fashion show they were attending. We didn’t see a lot but it was still a lot of fun and not expected.

It was a great place to just people watch and as night fell we took a seat and walked people walk around, we saw some really cool fashion and some pretty plain fashion, a lot of the men were all dressed similarly, but it was fun to watch and see how creative photographers got with the diminishing lighting.

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