Blue Square: Les Miserable

In high school I took 3 and a half years of French classes (not that I remember much of the language), mostly because the other language was taught by a teacher who spoke in monotone and the other reason was I actually really enjoyed the class. As my classes continued we delved more into famous french stories, like Les Miserable, and I remember sitting in the library with my classmates watching old tapes of the Les Miserable musicals for class. Our teacher also had us read some of the story, so when a friend of mine told me that Les Mis was coming to Seoul and she really wanted to go I agreed to go with her because I’ve always wanted to see it live.


Seeing as some of the shows are ending their runs, it might get a little harder to see Les Mis in a language I understand. But, despite not knowing much Korean, I really enjoyed the show. It helped that I was familiar with the characters and the story. My friend who understands and can speak decent Korean said that, even with her knowledge of Korean it was too difficult to understand since with Les Mis the language is changed, the sentence structure gets altered, and some of the wording is older too. It was fun to see how the performance differed from the versions I was more familiar with. Unlike some performances there wasn’t a rotating set which changed some of the iconic scenes a bit.

We  attended opening night and the musical is set to run until March 6, 2016 at Blue Square: Samsung Electronics Hall.

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