While half asleep, having made our way to Myeongdong to wander about and try to do some shopping, I tried to plan ahead for lunch. I was really surprised Myeongdong was so empty, though maybe it being a rainy Sunday morning around 11am had something to do with it.  When searching for vegetarian restaurants in Myeongdong Potala kept coming up. Potala is a Nepali, Indian and Tibetan restaurant. It’s on the 4th floor so we had a bit of a hike once we found it but it was nice and cozy and the food was wonderful. (There is an elevator that we found later) My friend and I split vegetarian momo (dumplings), and a platter and garlic naan. I also ordered their chai and it was a bit bitter, a lot more like an unflavored unsweetened black milk tea that slightly congealed on top, which was disappointing but the rest of the food was not. I did wait to drink it until I was finished eating and that might have been part of the problem.

vegetable momo
vegetable momo

My friend and I split the Thali set, choosing the mixed vegetables instead of chicken or mutton. It does take awhile for them to make (about 15 minutes) so give yourself time. Their menu luckily has little stamps next to the food warning if it would take extra time (usually about 15 minutes, for things like our set and the momo) or if they’re vegetarian friendly or spicy.  It made it a lot easier to go through the menu without accidentally ordering something too spicy or with meat in it, which has happened before with my friend who asked if there was meat in something, they said no, and then she ended up unable to eat it due to it being filled with fish. Their food is also Halal friendly.



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