Salad Stop! 샐러드스탑

Salad Stop! 샐러드스탑

I think I found my favorite salad shop. Sadly there's only one location and it's in Myeongdong. But any time I can get my salad as a wrap is delightful.


While half asleep, having made our way to Myeongdong to wander about and try to do some shopping, I tried to plan ahead for lunch. I was really surprised Myeongdong was so empty, though maybe it being a rainy Sunday morning around 11am had something to do with it.  When searching for vegetarian restaurants in Myeongdong [...]


Plant is a popular vegetarian/vegan restaurant/bakery in Itaewon. I spent a weekend in Seoul with a friend from Chicago whose vegetarian which made picking restaurants easier. In other words I just had to google search for any vegetarian restaurants in the area and head off that way. Plant was nice, we had a bit trouble [...]