Salad Brothers

I decided to follow a whim and it gave me probably one of the best days in quite awhile. For this day I saw a group I recently joined on Facebook was having an event on a day I’d be in Seoul and I decided why not and joined. Only two other people ended up showing up but we had a blast and I got to meet some really awesome ladies.


We decided to eat lunch while we waited for our third person and I was led down the part of Hongdae that I’m learning to love near Travel Makers. We went up to the second floor to a shop called Salad Brothers which is a small restaurants specializing in salad. They offer about seven salad bowls (including one seasonal bowl), a couple wraps and at least one soup. (While we were there it was a nice hearty chicken noodle soup)


I ordered the bro bowl which was 10,900 won. It consisted of chicken, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, seeds, oats and greens. There’s a couple different sauces at play as well: a masala marinade, tahini dressing and Canadian maple syrup. It was really good I just didn’t think anything about the Masala marinade the chickpeas were coated in until I took a couple bites and was like WHY IS THIS SPICY???????? Which is nearly a constant quandary for me in South Korea. I was still able to eat it, it wasn’t painful spicy just enough spice that I couldn’t finish the entire thing much to my disappointment. It came with a small slice of pita bread which I needed.


I also ordered their berry peachy iced tea which was really good. I had originally wanted their green tea iced tea but they were out. They only offer three drinks which are all teas, the third option is a Rooibos iced tea. As part of a set these teas are 3,500 won but on their own their 4,000 won. They also plan to add pressed juices soon to their menu.

Salad prices range from 8,900 won (seasonal) to 11,900 won. Most of the ingredients are on the menu so if you have allergies be sure to let them know, especially because their go-to is to just put everything together including the salad dressing. They also have a vegan bowl called Farm Fresh.


You can select the amount of salad dressing you want and you can ask for it to come on the side if you’d prefer.

They are open from 11:30am  until 9:00pm Monday through Saturday and they’re closed on Sundays. The staff while I was there spoke English and Korean and also the menu is in both languages as well. If you want to look over the menu before you go you can find it here. They also offer delivery (for what I assume is only Seoul and maybe only parts of Seoul) Note that on their website they do not offer chicken noodle soup but it was available in store when we went, so keep in mind that the menu may differ slightly from in person to online.

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