Shilla Stay Seocho

Update November 2019:

I stayed at the Shilla again for my base for a busy Thanksgiving. My room didn’t come with a bathtub, so when booking your room double check that it’s a room with a tub. I didn’t double check, just assumed and was very disappointed.  I did however have a room that came with breakfast. Breakfast, like many hotels, was a buffet with a couple things they always have (omelet bar, cereal, salad) and other things that changed (types of meats, fruits and some breads).

To collect your included breakfast you tell a staffer manning the desk your room number and they check. Then pick a seat and what you want to eat.

Shilla is a well know chain of hotels (and some stores) in South Korea. They’re also known for being fancy. Since I had a busy Thanksgiving weekend and my friend had a full house I was very happy to find that the hotel was nearby and also on sale. There was a nice bathtub and plenty of space, even a cozy couch.


It was a lovely way to spend a couple nights in Seoul, and the hotel was very tourist friendly. There was even a cute giant bear at the entrance. There is also a restaurant, bar/lounge and a fitness center.

I really enjoyed my stay and it seemed like the perfect spot to stay with friends or family, with a decent sized waiting space in the lobby that was actually comfortable. There are about six different locations in Seoul you can stay at, as well as one on Jeju that is more like a resort, filled with activities for all ages and adventures.

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