Foreign Food Market


Cooking in South Korea can be difficult, where I live my food tends to go bad quickly and the options are limited. So if I want to get anything special I have to go somewhere else. Which is really bad for cold things. Since the holiday season is around I really wanted to buy candy canes for my students and wasn’t sure where exactly I could find them without hunting down a friend with a Costco card or having to purchase them online. So I decided to check out the Foreign Food Mart. The Foreign food market is in Itaewon and is packed to the brim with stuff. Haalal friendly foods, vegetarian friendly foods, food from all over the world. But no prices are written anywhere you can see easily. Their prices tend to fluctuate so it’s best to just ask someone. There was so much I wanted to buy but didn’t want to have to lug home or just didn’t feel like it would make it all the way home without going bad. But I did find candy canes, a pretty big container of mini ones for a lot cheaper than I was expecting (since it’s a foreign food and fruit here can be really expensive).

So if you really miss home or want to try something new the Foreign Food Market might be a good place to look if your near Itaewon.

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